Differences Between a Wedding Dinner and a Wedding Reception: What Kind of Celebration Will You Have?

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful. Weddings are expensive, and the bride wants perfection on her day. One of the most expensive items is the wedding dinner or reception. What’s the difference between the two and which should you have? Here’s some information to shed light on the subject. What’s the Difference? Honestly, there’s not a lot of difference these days between a wedding reception and dinner. A reception and dinner can be as elaborate or simple as the bride and groom want. It’s not uncommon for couples to have themes like a wedding hoe-down. Lots of barbecues are...


A Guide To A Successful Destination Marriage Proposal

Man and Woman Holding Hands - A Guide To A Successful Destination Marriage Proposal

Image Source: Unsplash If you are planning to pop the question and would like to make it an event to remember, why not plan a destination proposal? It could be on top of a small mountain, or perhaps a romantic sunset on a tropical beach, and if you and your partner are both romantics, this is a great idea.  Planning The Proposal In order to create the perfect destination proposal, you need to plan the event carefully, and with that in mind, here are a few questions you should ask yourself. Does your partner like surprises? Where is your ideal...


Dressing for Ocassion

Dressing up for occasion can be challenging for any girls up there. I went through this phase especially in college when too many acquaintance parties started coming up. Most have themes you have to follow, which can be mind exhausting and toe crunching just to find cheap sexy dresses. As a working professional today, the same challenge happens. Christmas party, family days—you name it. We continue to find excuse to wear dress as ladies. But it’s not easy. Match your Outfit with the Theme The easiest way to pick the dress is just by following the theme of the event....


Beauty-full Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Winter can be the toughest season when it comes to your looks. Outside, cold air carries less moisture than warm air; inside, heating systems tend to dry out skin and hair. Meanwhile, holiday parties increase your desire to look your best but you are so busy shopping for gifts that you don’t take time for yourself. Give the gift of beauty and make this the most beautiful time of the year for everyone on your list. Budding Beauty Teens and pre-teens want to experiment and have fun but also need quality skincare. Combine the two with trendy sheet facial masks;...


Start Your New Year Out Right

Mistletoe - Start Your New Year Out Right

December is here and that means the new year is right around the corner. You may already be thinking of ways to make 2020 the best year ever. To avoid being overwhelmed, focus on one area at a time. Choose just a few small changes you will be able to sustain, and your efforts will be rewarded. Home Make your house a home you love. If your space is cluttered, purge unneeded items. If your home is too bare, take a decorating course. You don’t have to remake the whole place at once. Focus on three key areas: what you...