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How to Walk in Stiletto Heels

Women in stiletto heels shoes looked sexy to some people. But if you walk in tiptoe all the time and looks like you are about to trip while walking in a flat, cemented road, then you do not look sexy at all. If you are one of the ladies out there who want to learn the secret, then here are the basic three tips on how to walk in stiletto. Make Sure they are the Right Fit First things first–make sure you are wearing fit for your heels. If your stilettos are too big, then they would slide on your feet. Have...


Planning Your Honeymoon Wardrobe: What to Pack and What to Leave?

Wedding Bride and Groom

Getting married is an exciting time and every bride wants to make it perfect. From wedding festivities to the honeymoon after, every detail must be fine-tuned before she will rest and enjoy the experience. So much effort goes into the actual bridal attire that there is often little time to think about what to pack for the honeymoon. Here are some tips to make your job a little easier when planning your honeymoon wardrobe. How Will You Be Travelling? Perhaps the first thing you will need to consider when planning your honeymoon wardrobe is how you will be travelling. Is...


Ways to Accessorise Your Business Look

Mother always said, “Never judge a book by its cover,” but unfortunately, that’s just what happens in the world of business. It is so important to look successful without going out of your way to play the part. No matter what business you are in, it is a dog eat dog world and you are going to be competing with some of the best. Look at accessorising your business look as dressing for battle.Perhaps you already have favourite suits you wear whilst out in the field, so here are some tips on the best ways to accessorise your business look....


New Brands to Look Forward to at Shopbop

Today is the last day for Shopbop’s The Big Event Sale. You can still steal that little black dress from you have been eyeing on or that cool watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs at a discount in this online shop. And while they have this discount sale ongoing, Shopbop has still a lot more to offer to its customers. New Brands at Shopbop Have you been to that boutique and you keep on seeing the same design, or same style or same brand again and again. SB got it all covered. They keep on adding new brands in their huge...


The Big Event Sale

Most of the people in my country look forward March as the season of the end and new beginnings. This March is ain’t any difference. However, this month this year will be a little be different. The Month of Sale and Discounts I have been doing online shopping for eight straight years now. It is convenient and very suitable for myself as I frequent unique styles above those trends in my country. And like any shopping galore, discounts and sales are my friends. And yes ladies and gentlemen, here’s a good sale to look forward to. The Big Event Here is...