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The Latest Trends in Weddings

Are you getting ready to plan a wedding? Do you want it to reflect the most recent trends in weddings because you and your spouse-to-be are trendy and you want a modern affair that will be elegant and fun at the same time? Then continue reading for a look at some of the latest and greatest trends in wedding planning so that you can set up the perfect day to celebrate your love and life together. Drone Wedding Photos Drone wedding photos are great at capturing each and every angle of your big day. Make sure that you hire a...


Best Bridal Shoes for Your Wedding

jewelled bridal shoes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe. You think you got everything covered. From the tailored gown you designed yourself, to the guest list you picked with your groom. But your whole wedding would not be complete with only lace in your gown and pearls in your neck. A good pair of bridal shoes is what every brides need for her wedding day. Picking the right pair is not easy. As such, they come in all forms and designs. That being said, there would be always that one pair which could match...