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Transferring Your Vintage Fashion Style Into a Chic Interior Design

Transferring your vintage fashion style into a chic interior design

Are you a fan of vintage fashion? Do you like nothing better than dressing up in outfits that speak of times past? Fans of vintage clothing have a strong idea of their aesthetic leanings, and these preferences usually spill over into their interiors. Dressing in stylish, retro clothing is a design statement, and so it makes sense that you might want to carry that love of all things vintage into your home. If you love to dress with old-style glamor, but aren’t quite sure how to translate that to your home, read on for tips and tricks on vintage décor...


How to Host a Big Celebration That Kids Will Love

Happy Birthday Kiddie Themed Party Do it Yourself

The pressure on parents to throw a birthday celebration which tops the one that their child’s friend had is nothing new, but in today’s day and age it’s harder than ever before to get things just right. The trend of over the top and commercialized parties –which were often easier to organize – has been replaced with pressure to personalize, customize and impress guests with homemade food, party planning and a Pinterest-style theme. Recent studies show that this trend is leaving a lot of parents stressed out and unsatisfied when it comes to throwing a birthday party for their child....


How to Dress Sharply When a Motorcycle is Your Main Mode of Transportation

Fashion + Motorcycle

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, you always need to dress with safety in mind. However, what about looking nice at the same time? Luckily you can do both! Whether you are planning a long distance road trip, or simply use your bike to get you into town and back, here is how to dress sharply when a motorcycle is your main mode of transportation. Safety First When riding a motorcycle, you always need to remember to dress with safety in mind before anything else. This means wearing a helmet, gloves, some type of eye protection, the right type...


Best Dressed Fictional Characters

Gossip Girl

Mary Jane Fashion looks at some of the sartorial superstars from our favourite novels and TV shows Whilst there are numerous famous actresses and musicians who are recognised as some of the best dressed people on the planet, there are many others who are similarly sartorially gifted: they’re just not exactly real. Over the years, beautifully dressed and styled fictional characters have graced our television and film screens, helping to launch a thousand trends in the process, as well as the careers of the actors who have sported them. Elsewhere, best dressed literary characters have become icons of modern literature,...


How to Take Product Photos of Clothing for an Online Store

Handmade Jewelry

With so many online stores selling ranges of clothing to suit every size and shape, making sure that your online clothing store stands out is crucial. There are a number of ways in which you can help your e-commerce store stand out, from the marketing strategies and techniques that you use to the ways in which you thank and reward buyers for their custom. When it comes to product images, quality is crucial as often it’s the image which is the pivotal factor when customers are faced with the decision of whether or not to make a purchase. We’ve put...