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How to Make a Website: How It All Started

Starting a website could be quite tough especially when you are just starting out. I admit I faced the same problem before. But then, when you want to do something, you could get used to it as time passes. So for this post, I want to share with you how I started out in making a website. Maybe, a lot of people have asked themselves, “How do you get a website?”, “How to make a web page?”, “How to get a free website?”. I did the same. I asked those same questions. How it all started? I am what you...


Top Summer Essentials

Summer - Ball in the Pool

Every summer, girls are always busy buying new swimwear for beach trips while guys are doing their last-minute gym. Because of these activities, people often times overlooked what the essential things they should be doing instead. A month before summer, everyone should have start preparing the summer essentials they would be needing to stay chic and protected under the sun. Because summer is already here, I present to you my list of the top 3 things I must have this summer.