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Why Is My AC Frozen Over?

Why Is My AC Frozen Over

If your AC unit has suddenly developed a habit of freezing over, you need to begin making plans to have it looked at by a technician. There is nothing normal about this problem and it will only continue to get worse. Below are a few of the main causes for frozen coils on your AC system. The Problem with Ice On the Coils If the house is heating up suddenly and upon investigating you find ice coating the coils, there is a problem happening that needs service. Many people misunderstand the layer of ice and think that somehow it should...


Ways to get free samples of body and bath works

Ways to get free samples of body and bath works Bubbles

Day in and day out, you use quite a few body care and home care products to groom yourself and to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Body wash, shampoos, hair care products, moisturisers, lotions, fragrances, hand soaps, and body soaps are a few body care products. Apart from these body care products, you may also use home care products such as room fresheners, fragrance candles, etc. Now, when the whole-wide-world has really become small and can be accessed through your mobile on your palm, you are sure to get overwhelmed with the choices available for each of these products....


How to save money on large purchases

How to save money on large purchases Vacation Backpack

If you are a savvy spender, it is likely that you are always on the lookout for ways to save money. This is a fantastic approach to take, as even the smallest of savings can begin to add up. However, when it comes to expensive purchases, it is even more important that you secure yourself a good deal. If you are wondering how you can do this, you will need to read on. Save money on your vacations If you are struggling to balance a busy schedule, there will be times when you just want to get away from it...


How to Clean Up Effectively After a Minor Basement Flood

How to Clean Up Effectively After a Minor Basement Rain Flooding

A flood in the basement can present a major clean-up operation for any homeowner. You not only need to try and salvage what you can from the flooded area, but you also make sure you don’t introduce any health risks to your family through bacteria in the flood water or through mold growth due to the basement remaining damp for too long after the flood. Work Fast A lot of things can cause a basement flood, from a heavy rainstorm or snowmelt, through to a basement drain backing up. Once youknow the cause and can prevent further flooding, experts say...


How to Keep the Smell of Smoke out of Your Home

How to Keep the Smell of Smoke out of Your Home and ventilation

One of the major problems which many smokers face is in learning how to keep their homes from smelling like all those cigars and cigarettes they smoke indoors. Of course, if you have children, you are probably already smoking somewhere besides indoors, but for those who do smoke inside, here are a few bits of advice. Set Aside One Room for Smoking If you are smoking indoors, the best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to set aside just one room where you and your guests are allowed to light up. It is suggested that you...