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Massaging your Beauty Routine: How a Massage Can Save You Time and Money

Massaging your Beauty Routine How a Massage Can Save You Time and Money

There’s a lot that goes into a beauty routine. I know my personal routine can add an extra hour of time to morning routine, so I have to plan accordingly. I also know that the older I get, this morning routine takes a lot longer. Blame it on my slow moving limbs, lack of hand-eye coordination to get my contour just right, but realistically, it’s just because like everything in this world, I am getting older. *Sigh. Recently, I have been looking for alternatives to traditional beauty tricks to help remedy my crows feet, the bags under my eyes that...


Easing Anxieties in Autistic Children

Children with autism experience swings in emotions that can leave parents perplexed about calming their little ones’ tantrums and fears. Because autistic kids may not respond to traditional soothing mechanisms, they may need special approaches that appeal to them and give them the security and comfort they desire. With options like a soothing song or a weighted blanket autism patients could calm down and even rest for longer periods of time. This mechanism is also something that they can take with them everywhere they go and will be allowed into most, if not all public places. The Soothing Comfort of...