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Best Dressed Fictional Characters

Gossip Girl

Mary Jane Fashion looks at some of the sartorial superstars from our favourite novels and TV shows Whilst there are numerous famous actresses and musicians who are recognised as some of the best dressed people on the planet, there are many others who are similarly sartorially gifted: they’re just not exactly real. Over the years, beautifully dressed and styled fictional characters have graced our television and film screens, helping to launch a thousand trends in the process, as well as the careers of the actors who have sported them. Elsewhere, best dressed literary characters have become icons of modern literature,...


How to Care for Cashmere Clothing

Dry Cleaning by Ralph Aichinger

Everyone loves cashmere, right? I learned that from an episode of Seinfeld, so it must be true. But that love could soon turn in to despair as your favourite clothes lose their softness or get destroyed due to lack of care. It’s really not such a big deal to take care of them properly though, so keep reading to learn a few lessons in avoid clothing-related heartaches. You Don’t Need to Dry Clean The first piece of good news is that, even though the label may demand it, it is not necessary to have your cashmere clothing dry cleaned. Although...


Casual Summer Fashion Outfits to Try

Lace Splicing Off-The-Shoulder Half Sleeve Dress

Are you looking for casual clothes that look stylish but feel comfortable? Then fret not, there are plenty of casual summer fashion outfits to choose from. This ranges from laces, cropped, floral, breezy to more variety you can every imagine. Here are some good summer fashion clothes to choose from. White Laced Dress White heat reflects heat from the sun, thus, more cooling effect. Unless you are doing anything strenuous, then white is the perfect hue for you. White fashion clothes are basic yet very stylish. It reflects being modest and clean. A white laced dress is a good stable in...