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My Style Statement Inspired by The Ramp Crossings

I’m no model lady. A model’s just an imitation of the real thing. – Mae West Magazines. Models. Actress. Designers. I look up to them since I was young. I think they were good. Really really good! They know what suits them, what looks good on them. But then, I was still clueless of what my identity is. What style suits me.   I would fit on a top, and wear jeans, regardless of whether they look good or not. I would put on some accessories, and most of the time, I overdo it. I would wear flats, most of...


World War Fashion

What was fashion during the World War? This is not to mock what happened before but to become creative on how women probably from the army stayed fashionable (despite the rules). Doubtless, one would never think about these during the actual event. I just had this idea when I saw these army-like pictures of Ms. RJ Turner. Le proud and standing straight. I just love how this was taken. Firm and unwavering. That is how I view this. Her make-up also gives an additional resolved aura. The suit is also perfect plus that army jacket that served as her cape....