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Spring in the Philippines

Spring season in North America already started last Thursday, March 20, 2014. Blogs and channels in Youtube have already updated their tabs about their spring hauls and spring must-haves. However, in the Philippines, life continues. The dry heat and blazing sun. Spring should somehow bring refreshing air but not now in tropical countries like the Philippines. So, do we have spring in the Philippines?


Clozette.co : An Extraordinary Fashion Social Network

Lately, I have been attached to online fashion sites. They are not only accessible but they also offer the latest fashion trends all over the world. One site that caught my attention was Clozette. Sounds like “closet” right? Well, it serves it purpose. Clozette is a fashion social network and shopping portal which provides a whole new world of online fashion experience to every lady around the globe. What you can do here can be summarized in three words: Organize. Share. Discover. Organize With Clozette, you can create a list of your favourite items, and create your very own personal...