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Chic Fashion Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone especially those who joined Chic Fashion Giveaway which was sponsored by Eazy Fashion. After verifying all the entries with the help from our sponsor, we drew the lucky name out of 1000+ entries and here is the result.


RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Chic Fashion Giveaway

We survived the first month of classes. So great! I’m sure that some of you are still trying to adapt in their new environment and some are just too happy to see their friends again. Well, we still have a long way to go. Nonetheless, here is a great way to reward yourself for your month long survival in this school year. This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Eazy Fashion. We actually have some chic fashion accessories at stake, so let’s not make the wait anymore longer. For the prizes we have two chic accessories that I’m sure you would...