How Colouring Books Can Benefit Your Daily Life

Yes, even as an adult you still have some childhood tendencies. Colouring books are not only cathartic in the sense that they can take you back to your childhood years, but also afford several benefits in your daily life. Among these benefits are the following. 1. Stress relief Long day at work? Financial issues at home? Kids not listening or doing their homework and chores? Colouring books for grown ups are a great stress relief tool. They take you away from your daily struggles, let you sit back and relax, and allow you to take a few minutes a day...


BeautyMNL Haul

BeautyMNL Shop Haul

October has been the craziest month of this semester. The deadlines, the requirements, the sleepless nights. My whole barkada and I even went to a number of overnights just to finish our projects. I even had a rough time opening my social media accounts to focus on my academics. Still it was worth it. Best part, when big things comes in small packages. October Haul For my October haul, I’m still trying to keep up with all natural stints journey. I’ve been trying to buy natural products and testing them for what is better and what works best for me. Then...


The Euphoria of Wearing Dresses

Image by Leslie Duss

When I was younger, I admired many Disney characters like Cinderella and Belle. I still do today though, but I have to say my heart goes for Mulan and Pocahontas now. Part of the charms of these characters lies with them being princesses, and as a young kid, it was the ultimate dream–of becoming a princess. As a princess, what caught my attention was that they always wear dresses. Being a princess then equals wearing dresses. As a child, wearing one was not a problem. It was actually really cute to wear one. But as years passes, and I grew...


Is Your Household Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Is Your Household Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

Ok, maybe you aren’t the type of person that actually expects to look out your window one day and see a scene full of extras from the Walking Dead. There are much more probable disasters for which your household should be prepared. Fires, floods and storms can affect anyone. It is good to have some plans and items in your house to help your family survive.  Here are a few things that you should have on hand, to help you survive the most common disasters. Fire House fires are quite common. As the world’s climate rapidly changes, wildfires are becoming...


Massaging your Beauty Routine: How a Massage Can Save You Time and Money

Massaging your Beauty Routine How a Massage Can Save You Time and Money

There’s a lot that goes into a beauty routine. I know my personal routine can add an extra hour of time to morning routine, so I have to plan accordingly. I also know that the older I get, this morning routine takes a lot longer. Blame it on my slow moving limbs, lack of hand-eye coordination to get my contour just right, but realistically, it’s just because like everything in this world, I am getting older. *Sigh. Recently, I have been looking for alternatives to traditional beauty tricks to help remedy my crows feet, the bags under my eyes that...