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Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2: The Girl with a Wild Side

Asia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2 (AsNTM2) is a reality television show wherein aspiring models all over the Asia-Pacific region competes to get the title of Asia’s Next Top Model. Cycle 2 means that this TV show is already on its second season. The Girl with a Wild Side is the episode 9 of Asia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2. This aired last March 5, 2014, but I was not able to watch the cycle Philippines so I went to AsNTM2’s Youtube Channel and watched there the full episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2: The Girl with a...


Spring in the Philippines

Spring season in North America already started last Thursday, March 20, 2014. Blogs and channels in Youtube have already updated their tabs about their spring hauls and spring must-haves. However, in the Philippines, life continues. The dry heat and blazing sun. Spring should somehow bring refreshing air but not now in tropical countries like the Philippines. So, do we have spring in the Philippines?


Looking Beautiful Equals Confidence

As the old saying goes, “Simplicity is beauty.” When wearing makeup, one would think that this saying would not apply anymore. Still, if you would try to reflect on the deeper meaning behind this, simplicity would mean a lot more than having a bare face and wearing white shirts. When I was in highschool, I used to think that those students, particularly those girls who want their lips red and put a lot of powder in their face were just maarte, who cared more about their face than their grades. But some of them still excelled in school and showed...