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New Brands to Look Forward to at Shopbop

Today is the last day for Shopbop’s The Big Event Sale. You can still steal that little black dress from you have been eyeing on or that cool watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs at a discount in this online shop. And while they have this discount sale ongoing, Shopbop has still a lot more to offer to its customers. New Brands at Shopbop Have you been to that boutique and you keep on seeing the same design, or same style or same brand again and again. SB got it all covered. They keep on adding new brands in their huge...


The Big Event Sale

Most of the people in my country look forward March as the season of the end and new beginnings. This March is ain’t any difference. However, this month this year will be a little be different. The Month of Sale and Discounts I have been doing online shopping for eight straight years now. It is convenient and very suitable for myself as I frequent unique styles above those trends in my country. And like any shopping galore, discounts and sales are my friends. And yes ladies and gentlemen, here’s a good sale to look forward to. The Big Event Here is...


How to Stay Happy on Valentine’s Day

Chocolates. Flowers. Hugs and kisses. The usual stuff you may think but they are really in demand during this time of the year. However, there are those few who would rather stay cozy in their houses and enjoy the luxury of being single. Fret not, there are more ways to enjoy this day than sleeping it out. How to Spend your Day on Happy Heart’s Day Eat your heart out. When was the last time you had eaten to your heart’s content? Since this is a special day, why not buy a gallon of cookies and cream or a whole box...


Uniforms For Housekeepers

housekeepers doing the laundry

The housekeeping staff of a hotel is important because they make sure the rooms are clean as well as the hallways where guests and other employees walk. The housekeeping staff can wear uniforms in order to maintain a separate appearance from the rest of the staff. These uniforms are often simple in design, but they are functional. Most housekeepers like to have pockets so that they can keep small items that they need for the rooms, like keys or trash bags that fit in the bathroom cans. Other items like small toiletries can be kept in pockets while the housekeeper...


About Ocrun

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