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How to Dress Sharply When a Motorcycle is Your Main Mode of Transportation

Fashion + Motorcycle

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, you always need to dress with safety in mind. However, what about looking nice at the same time? Luckily you can do both! Whether you are planning a long distance road trip, or simply use your bike to get you into town and back, here is how to dress sharply when a motorcycle is your main mode of transportation. Safety First When riding a motorcycle, you always need to remember to dress with safety in mind before anything else. This means wearing a helmet, gloves, some type of eye protection, the right type...


Best Dressed Fictional Characters

Gossip Girl

Mary Jane Fashion looks at some of the sartorial superstars from our favourite novels and TV shows Whilst there are numerous famous actresses and musicians who are recognised as some of the best dressed people on the planet, there are many others who are similarly sartorially gifted: they’re just not exactly real. Over the years, beautifully dressed and styled fictional characters have graced our television and film screens, helping to launch a thousand trends in the process, as well as the careers of the actors who have sported them. Elsewhere, best dressed literary characters have become icons of modern literature,...


Online Jewellery Shopping: The Way to Find An Antique Engagement Ring

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Shopping for engagement rings online offers the customer a fresh, unique, contemporary way to find truly the most beautiful one available. The perks are extensive! At an estate sale a couple of weeks ago, a beautiful formal antique China service for 16 was featured. The pattern was unique, and initially, the dealer could not find its name anywhere in his usual resources. The family of the deceased had no idea: It had always been in the cabinet, and, it had never been used, at least, not by them. He identified it as post World War I, but pre-World War II....


Hottest Prom Dresses For 2015

Hottest Prom Dress Styles For The Year 2015

This article lists some of the most popular prom dress styles for this year so you can look stunning and on trend for your homecoming. Prom is an important stage in the life of any young woman. It is the culmination of all your high school years and will be a memory you and your friends will cherish for years to come. Not to forget about all the photos that will be circulating on social media or hanging in your parents’ homes that will never let you forget how beautiful you looked at your prom. This is why it is...


5 Tips for Dressing Down at the Prom

Not everybody wants to be the centre of attention at the prom, and some people do but for reasons other than glamour. Here are a few tricks to dressing differently at the prom, because sometimes downplaying it is better. Being the best dressed doesn’t always mean being the most decorated, of course not. There is beauty in subtlety. There is a skill to catching the eye surreptitiously, and prom night is a perfect time to work that skill. Yes there is a wide range of glittering, frilly, lacy and creatively cut dresses designed to grab attention, but there is something...