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How I Cured my Acne: Night-time Beauty Regimen

This post is a continuation of my post about how I cured my acne and started using Beauche products. I changed my beauty regimen after having a bad headstart of using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. Instead of stopping from using the acne soap, I bought the whole Beauche pack complete set. Beauche Set The Beauche pack set includes the following: Beauty bar soap (90grms) Clarifying solution (60ml) Skin toner (60ml) Exfoliating cream (10grms) Rejuvenating cream (10grms) Age eraser cream (10grms) My Beauty Regimen at Night Use the Beauche Skin Toner to clean your face. Wash your face with Beauche Beauty...


My Initial Experience from Using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap

Having a clear and pimple-free skin is probably the goal of every women. Unfortunately, there are those time when fate put us into situation wherein we could have the worst day for our face. These situations make us try products which we think would help us conquer these problems. This same reason made me try Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. This post would be mostly about my initial experience about using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap from Beauche International. These includes the beauty regimen I followed when I started using it, the initial reactions my face had and my conclusion with this...


Beauche Beauty Bar Soap Experience

Around January 2014, I experienced acne problems in my face. As a teenager, acne is a bad enemy. I was on my normal facial routine back then so I thought this acne would go away after sometime. To my dismay, they just spread. To make matters worse, they decided to play around my cheek and jawline area. I thought my facial cleanser is on the verge of its use so I thought of new options. Beauty Bar Soap One of my friends recommended Beauche Beauty Bar Soap when she saw I was having acne problem. She told me she had...


Makeup As An Art

There are two types of arts—performing and visual arts. Dancing and singing are included in performing arts. Painting, drawing, and sculpting are part of visual arts. How about makeup? Makeup: A Visual Art Before I was introduced to the world of makeup, I have been always fascinated by different models I have seen on the magazines and television. Their face looked polished, and their body look sculpted. They looked perfect. But like any other human, they too have imperfections. Some have childhood scars on their face and pimples from stressful yesterday. Those imperfections are what makeup conceals. It highlights their...


Night Routine for Your Face

Lying in the Field with Apples - beautiful faces

After a tiring day from the school, the only thing we would want to do at night is to lie down on bed and have a good night sleep. We are not only tired physically, but our skin is also stressed out after a long day of work. Dirt, oil, and other impurities caused by pollution are already trapped on your skin. This could cause problems like pimples, wrinkles, acne, and pre-mature aging of skin. As much as we would like to rest immediately, a more or less ten-minute night routine for your face won’t hurt. Cleanse your face. Use...