Treat Yourself Right this 2017


Hi, I am Mary. A millennial beyond her tweenteen.

I am an engineer with background in medical courses like Anatomy and Physiology, and Zoology. I enjoy watching TV series like Bones, House M.D., Castle, and The Walking Dead. I also fill up my time with movies and books and attending conventions and seminars.

When I’m not around, I spend time at my personal blog in pixiechronicle. I try to live a sustainable lifestyle by bringing my own tumbler everywhere I go. I hope to go beyond more than that and ultimately, live with lesser waste everyday.

I was born on August 9. It’s not really mandatory to post your birthday on your page but I have already met 2 good bloggers who share this same special day with me through blogging. So if you are one of us, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

I work as a part-time freelance writer who specializes in SEO and other freelance tasks. If you want to hire or collaborate with me, you may reach me through my contact page.

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