Monthly Archive: May 2013

Sonar 2-In-1 Mini Hair Straightener and Curler Review

When I first attended college, I was indeed clueless of how things work their way around. I came from a place where even putting powder was considered a vanity and putting makeup was the extreme. I started from scratch in learning how to groom myself fitted for my level, with the help of my mentors ofcourse. I learned how to put makeup myself and then later on, I learned how to play with my hair. When I was still living on a dorm, my dormmates were the one who were providing all the necessary equipments to glam ourselves. But now...


Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

The transformation of someone with the use of makeup embodies different factors. One of maybe the most critical factors is the use of makeup brushes. I read a post about makeup once that the final output of makeup depends on the type of makeup brush used. Blending would be easier. Applying makeup would be simpler. While I was doing my usual blog hopping around the cyberspace, I stumbled upon this cool infographics which explains the different kinds of makeup brushes.


Remakestyle Revamp

It has been long. And something is new. I now present to you my new layout. I made it just today because I’m getting tired of my previous layout and my taste have became so minimalistic. I have been searching and learning new things while customizing this new layout. Ofcourse, I have tried a few other layout before I settled on this one, and it was quite a headache because I am not a pro. but I am learning every minute. The result of my hardwork. THE STORY BEHIND These past few days, I have been thinking of moving to...