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Best Shoes You Should Have for this Coming Back to School

April. May. Many students believe these months are their happiest days. I know how it feels. After 10 months of assignments, projects, and group works, who would not want enjoyment? Still, these days don’t last that long. June is just a matter of days ahead of us. For sure now, many students are preparing for their back to school materials and are buying this and that on their local stores. But aside from these materials, college students need to prepare their wardrobe. Yes, they have to prepare clothes and stuffs they would use. Not every school has a dress code....


Sunday Spotlight: Rhea Bue

Sunday Spotlight Rhea Bue of

Ms. Rhea has moved to a new domain of her name, Rhea Bue. Expect more stylish post from her. What day today? It is Sunday everyone. Time for another Sunday Spotlight. For this day, I will feature the Rhea Bue of Describe your blog. BEBE-DOLL.NET is my fashion and beauty blog. All of my looks, reviews, tutorials and inspirations are found in my blog. How do express your fashion style? I have a very “versatile” style because I don’t just stick to one “peg”/concept… I love to experiment with different styles and see which looks nice on me. What are the...


Weekly Round-Up

It is Friday today. I have decided to make a new segment–Weekly Round-up. This will happen every Friday where I will post what I posted for the week. On the other hand, I will also have Monthly Round-Up so for those readers who missed some posts, you will stay updated. Here is the weekly round-up for this week. Sunday Spotlight: New Layout: Shades of Brown BC Bloggers World War Fashion AsianVogue Shop Win Beauty and Fashion Products Giveaway Featured post:


Win Beauty and Fashion Products Giveaway (CLOSED)

Winner was announced here. Beauty and fashion items are top essential needs of every girls, ladies, women, mother and even granny. Having them is important because they promote beauty and wellness. What more if you can have them for free! RemakeStyle’s first giveaway is brought to you by Eazy Fashion Shop. Eazy Fashion is your one-stop wholesale and retail fashion shop that offers quality asian products. You can visit their store by simply going to Again, thank you Eazy Fashion for sponsoring this giveaway. For the giveaway, one winner will take home the following:


AsianVogue Shop

I was ecstatic when I heard of AsianVogue’s anniversary. I have heard many great things about this store for years now, and when I visited it last 2011, I was overwhelmed with the collection of shoes they are offering. I have to admit it was really crazy. Having those killer heels and awesome pumps, it would be really great to have them. I have also seen some fashion bloggers who were using shoes from AsianVogue. Since it is their 3rd anniversary, I would like to share with you my list of cool shoes I want to have from AsianVogue. They...